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Despite This Being America, Two Guys Got Arrested For Selling Beer On eBay

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PennLive- Two Philadelphia area men have been charged with selling beer on eBay.  Kevin Michael Day, 39, of Bala Cynwyd, was charged March 9, and Brian Anthony Charles, 35, of Downingtown, was charged March 27, the state police bureau of liquor enforcement said this week. State police said officers responded to advertisements for beer that each man had on eBay. A large quantity of beer was seized at each of their homes, police said. They were each charged with a misdemeanor count of selling beer without a license.

Blasphemy. Absolute fucking blasphemy. I thought this was America. You know what we shouldn’t be doing? We shouldn’t be penalizing good ideas. Not in this country. We need all the good ideas we can get these days. That’s what makes us the greatest country in the world. A wise man once said, “Never cut off creativity, no matter how stupid it seems.” Actually nobody said that. Well I just said it but it’s still true. All ideas are good ideas in their infancy. You never know what they’re gonna lead to. That’s what we have here. A couple guys decide to pursue capitalism and sell beer on eBay and they should be allowed to do so. It’s like when Facebook hires hackers who are able to penetrate their security (that rings a little hollow given the fact that Zuck just spent the last two days getting grilled by Congress but you know hat I’m saying). You don’t cast them aside. You put them on the team. Just becaause something is illegal or perceived as “wrong” doesn’t mean that’s the truth. Selling beer on eBay should be allowed.

Oh they didn’t have a license to sell? I’ll let my friend Boston George take it from here