Behind The Gloves: In Honor Of #RnR3, Smitty And $20 Chef Sit Down And Discuss Everything That Led Up To #RnR2


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About a week and a half after #RnR2, $20 Chef and I sat down with Robbie Fox and started from square one. Basically, we contemplated how the hell we got to the spot where two grown men on the wrong side of 30 ever got to the spot where they would lace up the gloves for the first time. In this one-off podcast, we give you a little peek behind the curtain of what happened leading up to the #RnR2 fight. The Super Bowl, the shit talk, the pageantry, the exhaustion, the heart, the integrity, the pain, the snake promoter Dave Portnoy (listen to how Shaun got involved into the fight). It’s all laid out there, and it’s a possible look into what the ThrillRide and Bavarian Barbarian are experiencing now.

It definitely was interesting to here the other side, and maybe we’ll do another one talking about the fight and aftermath (surgery on the broken shoulder scheduled for Monday what a fucking life!). Till then, see the fight from #RnR2 below and get into #RnR3 tomorrow night before it’s too late. Or before the price goes up. Same thing.