I Wish I Had The Money To Hire A Professional Lip Reader To Know What Bruce Boudreau Was Saying Here

What is Bruce saying? Honestly, it very hardy to say. The fact that we don’t have any mic’d up audio of this moment is beyond reprehensible. Tied game. 2-2 in the 3rd period. Joe Morrow scores for the Jets to give them a 3-2 lead over the Wild with under 10 minutes to go. I just wish we could know what Bruce Boudreau’s reaction to that situation was. But alas, the world may never know.

Regardless, playoff Bruce Boudreau will forever and always be my favorite Bruce Boudreau. The man was put on this planet to do three things and three things only. 1) Take his teams the to playoffs. 2) Come up short in said playoffs. 3) Fuck up some ice cream.

And he does all 3 of those things to perfection always.

P.S. – I’m hearing some rumblings from a few of my sources that Bruce Boudreau actually said a cuss word right there. If that’s the case, I’m terribly sorry for offending.

P.P.S. – I really need the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to start operating like the first few days of March Madness. I mean that in the sense that we need some day games going on here. Nothing is worse than getting a slate full of playoff hockey last night, then needing to wait all goddamn day until you can get some more playoff hockey tonight. Give me a few 3pm puck drops or something like that. Here’s the ideal schedule.

  • Devils vs Tampa at noon (it’s not like any kids go to school in Florida anyway.
  • Toronto vs Boston at 3.
  • Anaheim vs San Jose at 6 (time zones make that a day game as well I guess, technically)
  • Columbus vs Washington at 7
  • Colorado vs Nashville at 8:30

Every game is done by like 11pm EST. You can wake up without feeling like a bus just hit you the next morning and then have even more daytime hockey to look forward to in the afternoon. Hey, Gary Bettman. Why am I doing your job for you?