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This Weather Man Is FED Up With People Being Mad That It's Still Cold Outside

I can’t tell if that video is real or not. I think it is. And you know what? I’m 100% on the weatherman’s side. All of us constantly shit on weathermen. It’s really not fair. Critiquing the performance of the weather man is part of our culture. Think about it. Any small talk will inevitably end up with, “Being a weatherman would be the EASIEST job in the world. You never have to be right. You can be wrong and you get to keep your job. I want that job.” Sound familiar? Yeah it does. You’ve likely said that sentence no less than 10,000 times over the course of your lifetime.

And he’s right by the way. That weatherman is in a lose-lose situation. It’s not his fault it’s still cold outside. What is he supposed to do? Lie? Tell the people it’s going to be warm when it’s not going to be warm? Then people would yell at him and call him a liar (which they already do when he tries to tell the truth). He’s caught between a rock and a hard place. He doesn’t want the weather to stink. He wants it to be warm just like everybody wants it to be warm. But it just so happens that he is the one person who delivers the news of cold weather. It’s thankless. Don’t shoot the messenger. He delivers bad news that he had no hand in creating. That’s a shittttttttttty job. Weathermen are the Sarah Huckabee Sanders of the news. Just up there taking bullets for something they didn’t do.