ECU Frat Guys Arrested With 2,500 Xanax Bars...Much To The Chagrin Of This Guy Who Needs One Of Them For His Group Presentation.


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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT)More than 2,500 Xanax bars were seized and four arrests have been made after a raid of ECU’s Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house.

The Greenville Regional Drug Task Force conducted a search warrant at the house, located at 409 Elizabeth Street,on Tuesday.

The search warrant was the culmination of a three-week long investigation.

Beside the Xanax bars, two shotguns were seized, and police said marijuana was being sold from the home.

Grant, Nolan, Jordan.  Can’t believe the 4th’s name is William and not like Chad Bradford or something to complete the fearsome foursome.

Anyway you know what sucks?  Getting arrested for having 2,500 Xanny bars and weed and shotguns.  Those are a lot of charges to face.  That’s a lot of money to pay lawyers.  That’s a bad mark on your permanent record.

You know what sucks worse though?

Getting screwed over for your group presentation the next day.

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I’m guessing I Am Spiffy is like I was in group projects – just kind of sit back and be the behind-the-scenes guy while the smart girl who loves to do things like “apply herself” and “actually learn things in college instead of just drink and party” takes the lead.   A tried and true tactic that I’m assuming a lot of you have employed during the course of your school careers.  Usually works like a charm.  Only problem?  When that “smart girl” ends up being Brock Chetson the Xanax bar dealer who gets locked up the night before the presentation.  Now you either gotta cram all the knowledge to seem smart enough to speak about it, or take the L and just accept the D.

Poor Spiffy could probably use some anti-anxiety medication right about now, ironically.