Linda Holliday Bought Belichick a Wolf


Damn, is Linda Holliday a special woman or is Linda Holliday a special woman. 999 out of 1,000 coaches’ ladyfriends would get him a puppy that is just a puppy. Some Corgi or a Labradoodle. Maybe one of those little wingless bats you see women carrying around in their purse, like the comfort animal that stared at me across the aisle all the way from Seattle to Boston the last time I flew. But not Linda. She buys her man a pet worthy of his stature. Oh sure that hashtag suggests Nike Brinkley Belichick is an Alaskan Klee. But let’s call him what he is: More wolf than dog. Bill Belichick is now the proud companion of a Direwolf. No lesser creature would do.

The possibilities for Nike are endless. Hell, he’s even got funky eyes like Ghost, who’s been kicking ass alongside Jon Snow since they were both pups. Those two have best male relationship in all of television:

He’s loyal as all hell, saving the lives of Samwell and Gilly against the Night’s Watch and then was fighting alongside Davos to kill those sons of bitches who murdered Jon. Nymeria had to go into exile for attacking Joffrey to protect Arya, and still managed to form a wolf pack and find her again in the Riverlands. I still haven’t recovered from the way Summer sacrificed her life to buy time for Bran and Hodor (RIP) to escape from the Wights. So a Direwolf is exactly what The Hooded One needs.

Good luck being the first media guy who asks a wiseass question Belichick doesn’t like once Nike’s fully grown. Or the next coach who accuses him of jamming helmet radios and messing with the scoreboard. Let’s see how tough Goodell gets next time he’s getting pressured by other owners to take Patriots draft picks away now that he’s emotionally bonded to a mythic, fiercely loyal, furry ball of biting, clawing revenge-murder. He’s already practically impossible to beat. Now with Nike the Direwolf, he’s frickin’ invincible.