I Want This Love Letter From The Titanic But Don't Have $25,000 To Spend On It

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NYP - A rare letter written onboard the RMS Titanic is going up for auction, detailing what life was like during the final days of the ill-fated ship.

The letter was written by Second Class passenger and survivor Kate Buss on April 10, 1912, after she left Southampton, England, according to auction house Henry Aldridge & Son.

“It’s a superb letter and it has been in the possession of the family since Miss Buss posted it on the Titanic,” explained Henry Aldridge & Son auctioneer Andrew Aldridge, in an email to Fox News.

Aldridge added that the letter is written over four sides in black ink.

Buss’ letter gives a further glimpse into life on the Titanic, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean in the early hours of April 15, 1912, just five days after its maiden voyage started. There were approximately 2,224 people onboard the ship, 1,503 of whom perished, making it one of the most deadly shipwrecks in modern history.

Buss was saved in lifeboat number 9 when the Carpathia picked her up. Buss was the last to be unloaded “due to her fear of heights,” Aldridge added.

The letter has a pre-sale estimate of $28,341-$35,426 (£20,000-£25,000).


If you are a long time reader of the site, you’d know one of the only things I actually like is the Titanic. Everything about it. The history, the people’s stories who were on it, the artifacts, and of course the movie. I read more about the Titanic than any other topic.

So God god dammit dammit do I want this letter. So badly. Why can’t I be rich? I’d have my own museum dedicated to Titanic artifacts at this point. One of the centerpieces would obviously be this cracker that was selling for $18,000 that I was unable to purchase.

Just the idea of having something that was literally once on this ship blows my mind. Here we are, 106 years later, and new things like this letter are still emerging, letting us in on new details of the ship, the passengers, and what it was like to be on Titanic. It’s so, so cool to me. If I was diagnosed with a terminal illness tomorrow, I think I’d use my remaining money to take that submarine down and see it in person. I’d rather do that than go to the moon. For sure.

PS: Did you realize if we were in 1912 right now, the Titanic would be sailing on it’s first and only trip? Pretty remarkable. Jack and Rose will soon meet and fall in love and have steamy sex in the backseat of someone’s car.