Update: Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan To Announce That He Wont Run For Re-Election


Speaking of incredible, I have a new summer drink of choice to share with you. In my experience, people love a good sparkling water. It’s light; it’s crisp; it’s refreshing. However, sparkling water can lack that flavor punch that you are looking for.

Now here’s the twist. Hold on to your tits.

Green tea. That’s right. Steep some green tea. I’d recommend four large family-sized green tea bags. Bring that to a boil in a standard-sized kettle and let the bags steep for about 30 minutes. Careful. It’ll be hot. Very hot. Once the tea has cooled, place it in the fridge. When you’re ready for a nice beverage, pour 3oz of tea and 12oz of sparkling water (or a standard can) into a tall glass.

“Chaps, I have 20oz glasses. What do I do with the rest of the space in the cup?”

That’s for ice, you silly goose. LMAO.


Have a good day everyone. Spring is in the air. What a delight.

Edit at 10:10am ET: In an earlier addition, we said that you should steep for 30 minutes. Please only steep for 20 minutes.