'First Time, Long Time' - A Philly Sports And Life Podcast By, And For Degenerates, Is BACK With Smitty, Rone, And Jordie

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Flyers start the playoffs tomorrow. Sixers are ending the season on a historic winning streak. Phillies are finding out that bringing in a pitcher from the bullpen that hasn’t warmed up is not conducive to winning. The Philadelphia Eagles are SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. There’s a lot going on in and around Philly sports and life, and we are here to help.

Please welcome back Philly’s first ever sports podcast that existed only during the Eagles playoff run, did well, but never got listened to by the powers that be for official podcast approval and faded into the darkness of the Eagles Championship and Rough N’ Rowdy busy horseshit. Well, now we’re back. Because fuck it. If there’s one thing Philly sports radio needs is more live, obviously realistic takes. Myself, Rone, and Jordie are gonna be coming atcha weekly, so tune in. Or don’t and go fuck yourself. Either way, Go Birds.

Philly sports fandom. There ain’t nothing else like it, and there’s a reason for that.