Semen: Yuck!

Fellas, earlier today I made a joke on twitter dot com. Said joke is embedded above. You see, what I was doing in that joke is suggesting that you cummed on your lady because you made dinner and cleaned. We had a good time with the joke online. After I relished in the interactions on social media, I got to thinkin.

Semen is gross.

Now, hear me out, fellas. I need to be frank. There’s nothing wrong with your nut or nuthin. I’m just saying, in general, I don’t like the idea of cum. Even my own. Yikes. Ejacuate is just so cumbersome. Whether you are forgetting to toss a tissue in the trash, letting a rag become hard in your bedside drawer, or filling a 20oz Gatorade bottle to the brim, semen is a mess to deal with. That’s just a fact. BUT, it’s an important part of our daily lives no matter whom you are. Well, I guess lesbians don’t deal with semen which is kinda dope. Credit to them for figuring that out early in the game. I guess the old saying is true. Lesbians aren’t more likely to be vegetarian but they are certainly nut-free.

Whether it’s cream pies or facials or just good ole fashioned on the belly nut job, it really takes a special person to deal with your semen. So, if you have that special someone in your life who takes your load, maybe surprise them with an extra clean house and a homemade meal. Hell, they deserve it. In fact, make sure that pineapple is on the menu.