An Investigative Report: Wawa Has A Secret Menu


As a journalist, it is always important for me to keep my ear to the ground. That’s why when I heard some rumblings in the streets about a potential “secret menu” at Wawa, I knew I immediately had to jump to action and rushed over to the Wawa on 21st and Hamilton. At peak lunchtime, mind you. Sometimes getting a hoagie from this Wawa could take 20-30 minutes at non-peak hours and I went there at goddamn noon on a weekday. That’s how dedicated I am.

What could possibly be on this secret menu? Personally, I was hoping for something like nuggets. Not the chicken strips that you can always get from the order kiosk. Not the chicken bites you can get by the register. But some actual chicken nuggets because, well, chicken nuggets is like my family. But what else could it be? Wawa already has so much to offer. The biggest question is what would be left for them to hide in a secret menu? Are they bringing back Wawa pizza? Could it be a pizza bagel? Maybe it’s some sort of combo where you can get a chicken strip sandwich with mac n’ cheese on the sandwich? I don’t know. The possibilities are endless and I just had to try it out for myself.

But what I found when I go to the Wawa was that sometimes life can be full of disappointments. And this was one of them.

Now first off, to get to the secret menu all you have to do is click on the little goose down there in the bottom left corner. Once you’re in the secret menu, however, you’ll have wished that you never clicked the goose to begin with. Because the only two options on the secret menu (at least for now) are a Birthday Cake Milkshake and a Birthday Cake Smoothie.

But as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a journalist at heart. So I wasn’t going to leave that Wawa without getting my story, even if it would end up being a colossal disappointment. So I gave it a go. And the results? Well the results were pretty much exactly what I thought they would be.

So yeah. My official Wawa Secret Menu Review? It probably should have stayed a secret.