Beat The Blockhead Trivia Show: Hardo's Vs. Harvard Edition - Ivy Leaguers Are BULLIES

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Things were a little different after emerging victorious in brain battle vs. the likes of Saugas High’s Finest and Bandera’s (somehow) Best – INSTANT INTERRUPTION FOR MUST WATCH SCUBA BREAK –

Back to reality, the Hardos put up a valiant effort vs the Harvards. Fucking Ivy Leaguers.
They think they’re so high and mighty, just because they never got caught driving without pants. Underdogs are hungry dogs, and Carrabis and I gave the 1.5 Winklevoss’s all they could handle through the obviously non-biased categories of such as “Golf”, “Politics”, and, my personal favorite, “Harvard Hockey”. Like, come on man. I’m half surprised there weren’t categories for “Impaired Vision” and “Red-Headed Sociopathic Behavior”. Alas, to each their own, and all you can do is keep on fighting the good fight with the almighty, yet broken, wheel.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Beat The Blockhead will be next week with our first guest outside the Barstool realm. We got some smart Stanford tough talking fuck coming in to test this mighty mind of eminence:

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.37.06 PM

Ohhhhhh baby. One on one. Mano y Mano. Sherman vs. Smitty. Tune in next week. Let’s see if Sir Richard steps up when it matters or decides to pass on the one, especially after I remind him. Can’t. Wait.

As for tonight. Devlin will be feeding the addiction tonight again at 7:30 pm. The other night’s binge was going swimmingly until someone compared me to Ross…not from Friends which would’ve been bad enough, but from Band Of Brothers. And. I. FLIPPED.

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