These Pro-LeBron/Cleveland Billboards Going Up On I-95 In Philly Should Be Considered Treason

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PhillyVoice – With Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James set to become a free agent at the end of this season, many fans in Philadelphia have been dreaming of swaying the basketball star to our home team, culminating earlier this year three billboards placed in Cleveland with the hashtag #PhillyWantsLebron. Now a Cavaliers fan is giving Sixers fans a taste of their own medicine with two new billboards going up Tuesday morning along I-95 outside the Wells Fargo Center. They were placed by James Betschel, CEO at Global Market Partners, who said he was inspired to act by his sons. Betschel partnered with Ohio advertising company to execute the campaign.

Oh, so we’re pro-monarchy now, eh Cleveland? From where I come from, a little place called AMERICA, this is considered blatant High Treason. Insinuating Ben Franklin was against the tyrannical powers that were is basically throwing all support behind King George. Not to mention there’s no real reason for them to be supportive of the monarchy system in the first place. Taxation without representation must still exist as it looks like nobody has cared to allocate funds to the city since, well, ever. Here Here!

But seriously, if a few Cleveland hacks are gonna commit High Treason, at least make it creative. It goes out of the way to prove no point. The Cavs are the 3x defending Eastern Conference champs with the greatest player on Earth. The teams aren’t going to play each other in the first round. There’s no reason to be attacking Philly. Well, other than Mr. Ben Franklin is gonna be Mr. Steal Yo Girl starting next season. The man goes from lover to lover almost as much as LeBron goes from Philly high school to high Philly school to see if they’re right for his kids. It’s happening. Only a matter of time before they #CompleteTheProcess:

Also, leave Ben Franklin alone. He’s done more than enough for this country and is a damn American, nay, worldwide legend. Plus he currently has enough issues trying to make a living while squatting at Misconduct in Philly then yelling at tourists for no reason whatsoever.