How Big Of A Tool Is Mark Brunell For Hating On Johnny Manziel Partying In Vegas Over The Weekend?


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Holy shit can Mark Brunell be more of a classic “old guy who hates all fun”? Herm Edwards, a guy who has coached in the NFL, a guy who has managed players said right there, it doesn’t fucking matter, it’s the offseason, it’s a holiday weekend. As Paul Lo Duca said, it’s the one’s that you don’t see pictures of that you should be worried about (yes I’m using Lo Duca as a credible source now). Yet even after that Mark Brunell still goes on and on how offensive this is, and how he should be studying non stop and how this sends the wrong message. Be more jealous Mark, you can’t. Because that’s the bottom line. If you have a problem with a guy going to Vegas for a holiday weekend then you’re jealous, straight up. You wish you were there with him, because guess what, if Mark Brunell had the opportunity to party when he was in the NFL I guarantee you he would. Instead he opened a bunch of burger joints in Jacksonville and went bankrupt. Stop being a tool and let a man live.



Also, Herm has it exactly right, if you’re going to criticize Johnny Manziel and not Gronk then you’re not only jealous but you’re also an enormous hypocrite. Get out of my face Mark.




I did appreciate the honesty there when both guys were basically like yeah, this is why we stay up at night worried sick about our daughters.