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The Chinese Are Now Using Magic, Flying Veils At Weddings And I Love It

NY PostAccording to Shanghaiist, brides across the nation have fallen in love with magical “flying veils.” These aren’t regular veils, oh no — these veils zoom down the aisle after the bride, magically landing on her head with a delicate, dainty touch. It’s as if there are two little birds holding it aloft, a la every Disney princess ever.

When I clicked on the “China is doing flying veils now” headline I didn’t expect to like it. I really didn’t.

Boy was I wrong. If you’re not doing a flying veil what are you even doing? Imagine being so poor that you walk down the aisle carrying your veil over your head like an idiot? You’re telling me you can either drape that thing over your head in the dressing room like it’s 1820 or you can have it fly itself up the aisle like a fucking magic carpet then epically drape itself upon you as you stand before your guests like you’re the queen of Hogwarts? No brainer.

Honestly, I think I have to buy a flying veil and bring it to all my weddings this summer. Really make a splash. Get a little too tipsy during cocktail hour and start flying my magic veil around during the ceremony like it’s a drone. Drape it over the wedding officiant for a hot second? Drape it over the not-happy-about-it single maid of honor to rattle her cage a bit? Touch on those deeper issues she’s been bottling up while planning the wedding all these months?

So many options with the magic flying veil that the traditional veil just didn’t offer. The Chinese don’t always hit but when they do they can really deliver some winners. The magic flying veil is a winner.