Nike Forcing Current Masters Leader Patrick Reed To Swap His Traditional Red And Black For Pink on Masters Sunday Because They Don't Want To Hurt Tiger Wood's Feelings Is Disgusting


Golf - We know what you’re thinking. But Patrick Reed says the switch is not because of Tiger Woods’s presence at Augusta this year. Reed has worn a red shirt and black pants on tournament Sundays for years as an homage to Woods, but this Sunday will be different: he’ll sport pink instead. Speaking to the Golf Channel, Reed attributed the change to a directive from his sponsor, Nike, to all of its players. “All the players will either be in dark blue or gray, grayish black today and yesterday and then all of us will be in the same color tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday,” he said. No word yet on whether Tiger (if he makes the cut) also plans to follow Nike’s new rule. Sunday pink, anyone?

So everybody knows that Patrick Reed wears Red and Black on Sundays. It’s a tradition he adopted from Tiger Woods and has proudly carried on since Tiger’s demise. Many new golf fans probably don’t even realize that Sunday red was Tiger’s thing because it’s been decades since he was in contention on Sunday in a major. When they think red they think Patrick Reed. Well apparently Nike has told Patrick Reed he can no longer wear the Red and Black because Tiger owns those colors and they expected him to be in the hunt on Sunday. What a joke. I mean that’s how you thank a guy who is just trying to keep Tiger’s faint memory alive? Hey here is a crazy thought. Maybe if Nike wants to reserve red for Tiger and release commercials about how he’s back they should wait till he is closer to the lead than the cut line in a major? Bottomline is Tiger is dead and Patrick Reed is the only one trying to keep his memory alive. God knows Tiger’s golf game isn’t doing it.