Univision Asks Erika To Appear On A TV Show As A Favor....Editor of Deadspin Trashes Their Parent Company For Having Her On

Okay so remember when Deadspin went Bankrupt for publishing Hulk Hogan’s illegally obtained sex tape and refusing to take them down? It was a well publicized case and we heard countless stories about the horrific exploitation practices at Deadspin during the trial. How they would pay money to get dirt on people. How they outed people for their sexual preferences for a few clicks. How they refused to take down a possible sexual assault video in a bathroom at Indiana. Does this all ring a bell? Well when they went bankrupt Univision swooped in and bought them for pennies on the dollar.

Well Univision needing to get some publicity for a new TV show they are launching on Sunday asked Erika to appear as a guest. After all it’s a well known fact that if you put Barstool on something it drives huge ratings because of our fanatical fanbase. This is in stark contrast to Deadspin who tried to acutally raise a couple hundred thousand dollars from their readers to buy back Deadspin from Univision but failed miserably because nobody gives a fuck about them.

Long story short the new editor and chief of Deadspin (I think this is their 9th in my tenure) decided to not only trash Barstool again, but trash the people who pay her bills for having Erika on their show. Listen I don’t care that this chick trashed Erika. After all we all know the only way Deadspin can get anybody to pay attention to them is to mention us. But this really does show how out of touch these entitled idiots are over there. We do Univision a favor and then their own employees trash us? You have to be one entitled idiot to do that. Just have no concept of how the real world works. If somebody did this at Barstool I would fire them so fast it would make your head spin. Like this chick who wrote this is a nobody. She’s just the latest in a revolving door of editors at a site gives a fuck about. She should thank her lucky stars she can afford a roof over her head.  I don’t care how much you hate us you are insane to literally shit on your own company like this. They begged us to help them out and then we get trashed for it? Now Univision is literally running around doing damage control sucking our dicks because of this idiot. Laugh out loud funny. And yes I will republish this blog when this chick is fired or “resigns” which my guess is within 6 months. That’s the craziest thing about this. It’s more important for Univision to maintain a relationship with Erika and Barstool than anybody at Deadspin. Think about that one for a minute. That’s how far Deadspin has fallen.