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Rob Kardashian Skipped Kim And Kanye's Wedding Because He Was Too Fat To Fit Into Some Designer's Clothes

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(source) Rob Kardashian bailed on his sister’?s wedding to Kanye West after she reportedly had a crack at him about his recent weight gain. 27-year-old Rob Kardashian flew back to the US on the morning of the wedding after a heated argument that took place just before lunch on Friday in Florence.

According to x17 online the row broke out when Kim Kardashian asked all of her family members to wear Valentino couture for the lunch which was at the designer’s house, but Rob Kardashian didn’t fit into any of the clothes because of his recent weight gain. “Rob said he was sickened by Kim and Kanye’s display of wealth and clothes and beauty and called it ‘superficial bulls***,’” a source told x17 online. “Kim was pi**** that Rob hadn’t made an effort to drop any weight over the “Rob booked his flight for Saturday morning and skipped the lunch at Valentino’s,” the source said. “He just doesn’t seem to feel comfortable or happy around his family at all. They’re all wrapped up in the same pretty world and he just doesn’t fit in.”past months. Rob basically equated that to Kim caring about him only for his appearance and he said he’d ‘make life easier’ for her and just leave.”



Fuck yes. Do you Rob. Love everything about this story. Oh we’re going to some fancy French designer’s house? Oh he makes clothes exclusively for skinny pussies that don’t lift? K, bye then, I’m skipping your entire wedding and going home to LA. If I can’t wear sweatpants I’m not coming. That’s just diesel life. Fuck Kim Kardashian, Team Fat Boy for Life.




Brilliant move by Rob to not make it about his weight and instead say it’s because of all the “superficial bullshit”. You know, the guy that is famous because of reality television and fancy socks. But yeah, fuck that superficial bullshit.