Two Guys Dancing To The Nintendo Wii Home Screen Song Is Easily The Most Entertaining Thing You'll See Today

You know what sucks? These kids are a thousand times cooler than I’ll ever be and they aren’t even trying. It would take months of lessons for me to be able to dance like that. I have the rhythm, I just move too ugly. My limbs are all over the place. When I dance I look like Steve Martin in that ‘Wild And Crazy Guys’ sketch.

These two probably threw that dance together in ten minutes and it was hands down the most mesmerizing thing I’ve seen all year. Which is probably more of a credit to Nintendo for creating such a euphoric song, but still. They lulled me to sleep then woke me up no fewer than three times. One of the guys even had a hoop earring. Shout out to Elton John.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.35.14 AM

The craziest part is I don’t think they were trying to go viral, it looks like they were just bored. Like they were trying to kill time until the coast was clear for them to sneak into the liquor cabinet. Why else would they be filming in their parent’s kitchen in the middle of the night? Whatever the case, I love this video and I’m going to keep watching it for the rest of the day. The only other video that comes close is below. I blogged about it back in November. Happy Friday, folks.