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The Pittsburgh Penguins Disrepected Lil' B The Based God. Is He Just Going To Sit Back And Let Them Do That?

Authors note: This post is 100 % fake news Im just counting on Lil B to not read the actual artcle and just look at the screenshot I send to him in a effort to make him curse the Vile Penguins. Be a real shame if people kept sending him these screenshots


PITTSBURGH ICE COMPLEX- Huge news during morning skate as the Pittsburgh Penguins were asked about there favorite rap artists. One Pittsburgh reporter Carl Karlotacarl brought up Lil B the Based God- an extremeley talented rapper, author, First Rapper Ever To Write And Publish A Book at 19, Film Score, Composer, Producer,Director/Photo/Branding/Marketing/Historical Online Figure during a break in the action and asked some players about his famous curses.

Sidney Crosby repsonded, “Who? Lil B? Yeah that guy is so overated its not even funny. I dont even think hes really the first rapper to write and publish a book at 19, film score composer, producer, director, photo, branding, marketing. Big time liar. Anyone who beleves in curses is a moron.”

Eveginy Malkin added “He big suck. Does not understand photo, branding, marketing. He is mange donkey with no saddle. Not to ride- only tie to fence and sacificed to local oligarch.”

Amanda Kessels brother added “I cant stand that dude. Im a big Post Malone guy- now that guys got real talent. I bet he could film score compose and publish a better book then Lil B. No wonder Cardi B put the pussy on Offset instead of that clown.”

“Lil B make sex to dog” Malkin replied while doing that thing with your hands when you put them together so it looks like a vagina.

Goaltender Matt Murray took off his helmet and added “also he sucks at twitter. Hes too big of a wuss to curse us. In fact- I put a curse on HIM. Haha. You can report this by the way. I bet Lil B cant even read it hahahahah muah hahaha muah hahaha now if youll excuse me I have to go put french fries inside a perogi to make a russian nesting doll of carbs and call it regional cuisine, then Im gonna pretend Iron City light dosent taste like bird piss.”