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James Paxton Had A Bald Eagle Land On His Back And He Casually Brushed It Off

No joke, that may be the most impressive thing I have seen to start the baseball season. You have Shohei Ohtani dropping bombs and pitching gems in Anaheim while Bryce Harper hits a different planet with a baseball every day. But James Paxton taking a natural born killer’s talons to the back and shaking it off like he shakes off his catcher trumped all that. I’m pretty sure the Mickstape guys settled on 50 eagles and Barry Bonds in the infamous Pick 2 To Defend You, The Rest Are Coming To Kill You Challenge, so you know it’s not just my old dad ass that respects a good bird of prey.

The most amazing part of all this is that it was Paxton who ate those claws. Dude lives on the disabled list. A bird of prey even glancing at him should send him to the 60-day DL. But instead he took those 8 razor sharp blades of freedom to the body and then dealt a quality start against the Twinkies.

Not gonna like though, Paxton being a Canadian puts a real dent in this video for me. You can’t have our national symbol get put into the back pocket of an injury prone pitcher. Bad look for America but a great look for James Paxton, who is clearly #HockeyTough.