Sergio Went Full Sergio And Went Into The Water 5 Times On #15, Made A 13

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Live look at Sergio Garcia

Ahhhhhhhh yes. The ol baker’s dozen! Been there many times. Never go full Sergio, kids. 5 balls in the water! I actually kind of respect it. Sergio already won his green jacket. He’s golden. He can do whatever he wants now. There’s no pressure. Hit a billion balls into the water on and make a 13? Sure why the hell not. They can’t take away last year from him. Nobody can. Honestly that’s the vibe Riggs and I got from Sergio when we watched him during Tuesday’s practice round. The guy was the definition of relaxed and carefree. We watched him tee off on #1 and then watched him laugh all the way down the first fairway. He threw his arm around his playing partner. He was so happy. The question forever was, “Is Sergio ever gonna win one?” and then he did and it’s all gravy now. Sergio won a green jacket, got married and is gonna have a kid. His life is great. What’s a 13 here and there.

Not to mention he’s gotta stick around all weekend anyway. Sergio could’ve made a 36 and he’ll still be around on Sunday to slide the green jacket on Tiger Woods (or somebody else but probably Tiger).