Adam Rippon Competing Against Tonya Harding On Dancing With The Stars Will Be Hands Down The Most Electric Television In All Of 2018

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Source - Tonya Harding is ready for her comeback. The Olympian is set to compete on the first-ever all athletes season of Dancing With the Stars, a source confirms exclusively to Us Weekly. Harding, who is most famous for her feud with Nancy Kerrigan, landed back in the spotlight this year with the release of I, Tonya, the Oscar-nominated film.Kerrigan competed on season 24 of Dancing With the Stars.

Us Weekly can also reveal that Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon and Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson are set to join this season.

In March, Us Weekly spoke to Rippon, 28, about the possibility of appearing on the competition show. “If the opportunity came about I think it would be fun,” he told Us, adding that although he may have an upper hand being a skater, “all is fair in love in war.” He also had an opinion about who he’d want has his professional partner: ” Somebody who can keep up with my quick whips whoever that woman may be.”

The full cast of Dancing with the Stars: Athletes will be announced on Good Morning America on Friday, April 13.

No one, with the exception of Donny Osmond, has been more made for Dancing With The Stars more than Adam Rippon. The swagger, the pizzazz, the attitude, everything about him is perfect for the show. The only way he doesn’t win is if Tonya bashes his leg in with a hammer, which is a distinct possibility. She seems a bit unhinged lately- remember when she said she was going to fine journalists $25,000 every time they mentioned “her past?” Weird. Regardless, ABC hit the nail on the head with these two. It makes sense they would want to inject the show with some personality considering how boring it had become. Rippon is going to light that stage (and the judges table) on fire.

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I’m not even going to get into the post dance interviews.

And then there’s Tonya- an attention seeking, habitual liar with a bad attitude and a checkered past. Like Rippon, she lit the figure skating world on fire, but it was for different reasons (assault). I have to imagine that’s going to come into play at the judges table. Even if she does well, all they’re going to be thinking about is the fact that she hired someone to attack the competition. Hopefully Adam keeps his head on a swivel. My prediction is that Adam beats Tonya in the final round. At any rate, ABC putting these two together was a genius move. They’re both wildly popular for completely different reasons and I’m sure it will help their ratings. April 30th  can’t come soon enough.

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