Nike Releases New Tiger Woods Commercial Called "Welcome Back."

Give it to me. Give me all of the Tiger Woods Nike commercials. Ill be hones, I didn’t even think that one was all that great. Pretty bland. Pretty blah. It didn’t make my testicles tingle like all the other Tiger Nike commercials. But it doesn’t matter. Give me all of them. Make more of them, Nike. Make one for every day of the week. Tiger Woods Nike commercials are like ice cream. You can never ever have enough.

Also, I said it on Fore Play, but I needed them to include the DUI mugshot in that commercial. I need every Tiger comeback montage to include the mugshot and the arrest. All the TV networks should be required to talk about that part of the story. It makes no sense not to. Let’s not ignore the bad parts. Let’s embrace the bad parts. The back injury stuff is always in there. They always force that upon us. Why not the time Eldrick took a cocktail of pain killers and didn’t know what planet he was on? Seems like an important part of the ongoing saga, in my humble opinion. Not to mention including that makes his comeback even more dramatic. Isn’t that what they want? More drama? Getting arrested and then making a comeback seems pretty damn dramatic.