Seriously, Can The Sixers Actually Win The NFC East?

That’s 12, count ‘em, a dozen wins in a row for The Beasts Of The East. Maybe if they do well enough they can win the Patrick Division before facing off against the American League version of the Brewers. Hooray for your Syracuse Nationals!*

12 wins in their last 12 games. Two years ago they had 10 wins the entire freaking season. And it’s not that they’re winning, it’s how. Last night they beat Detroit by 7 points, which is their second lowest margain of victory during this winning streak (beat the Nets by only 4 allllll the way back on March 16th). They’ve won every other game by at least double digits. The mojo of this Sixers squad right now is off the charts, and that’s without their best player who will be returning with a vengeance and a facemask legends and t-shirts are made of. Ben Simmons is playing like a future MVP. JJ Reddick is shooting into the ocean . They’ve got the entire Euro league coming off the bench putting up 20 spots a game for fuck’s sake. EVERYBODY is playing their role and contributing. One thing we’ve learned from the Eagles magical run is anything can happen. Why not these young bucks THIS year?

Keep your pants on, junior. The best team with the best players almost always comes out the respective Eastern and Western conferences. There’s plenty of reasons why the Sixers may not be able to come out of the East this season. Just because you’re playing the best ball doesn’t mean you are the best ballers. I don’t care if the Celtics are possibly depleted and the Raptors may not truly be that typical, dominant #1 overall seed. Both teams at least have playoff experience down the front of their pants. Anybody with LeBron will have a chance to win as Sixers fans will see next year when his kids go to Malvern Prep. The Pacers, Heat, Wizards, and Bucks (all likely first round opponents) have all given the 76ers fits this season. There’s no guarantees in life, but this Eastern Conference could be wide open if literally EVERYTHING goes the Sixers way. And if that happens…good God, pray for all things Philly. Again. Nothing like a Process coming to fruition, even if it is a year or two early. #HinkieDiedForOurSins

Next up: Cavs on Fri. Coming for that the Baker’s Doze, that 3-seed, and those cheeks, LeBron. CUE IT.

*Sweet Freudian slip you ended up keeping in the headline you fucking blockhead. 0% chance you watch any of the Sixers season and have definitely not been a fan since the days sitting nosebleeds in the Spectrum as a kid rooting on a product that featured Clearance Weatherspoon and Derrick friggin’ Coleman as their “Stars”. Stick to Fortnite with your kids.