Siena's Jimmy Patsos Is Under Investigation For Reportedly Verbally Abusing A Student-Manager And Calling Him "The Next Unabomber"

Siena v Kansas

Times Union- Siena College men’s basketball coach Jimmy Patsos is under investigation by the college following reports that he taunted and verbally abused a team student-manager who has a mental disorder — including referring to the student as “the next Unabomber,” according to people familiar with the matter. Members of the team in recent weeks have been interviewed by an outside attorney retained by the school, as well as the school’s Title IX coordinator. Siena spokeswoman Lisa Witkowski confirmed the investigation in a statement Wednesday afternoon, while avoiding comment on the details of the allegations.

“As you know, college athletic departments regularly perform end-of-season reviews on their sports programs. Information surfaced during Siena’s review of the men’s basketball program that requires deeper examination,” Witkowski said. “This process demands time and must be conducted in confidence. We have an obligation to protect the rights of all involved, and we have a responsibility to ensure our athletic programs are held to the highest standards.”

The student manager, a sophomore, is diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, a mental condition that causes severe anxiety, including unwanted and repeated thoughts, sensations and obsessive behavior. Patsos was aware of the student’s condition when he made the alleged statements, according to a person familiar with the matter. The Times Union is not identifying the student who filed a formal complaint with the school’s president in February, which prompted the investigation. The complaint included allegations that Patsos called the student manager “insane” and teased him about his medications and other personal issues, including in front of players and others, that person said. “(Patsos) does say some stuff,” said another person who witnessed some of the interactions, and has been interviewed by the outside attorney and the school’s Title IX official.

Oh Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. As Barstool’s resident Siena blogger (because I paid a ton of money to the school for a piece of paper), this falls squarely in my jurisdiction. Allegedly making fun of a kid because of his mental health and saying he would be the next Unabomber is definitely not going to fly in 2018 with everything that’s been in the news the last few months. That’s just a fact, Jack. And it is especially the case after you just finished last season with an 8-24 record as well as dead last in the MAAC. Jimmy’s always been known as a bit of a character and a hot head, so the court of public opinion probably won’t be weighing in his favor off the jump either. Obviously the school is investigating and will come to a decision. But it’s definitely not a good look for a quiet college in the burbs of Albany.

I admitted to Trent that I rooted against his beloved Hawkeyes all season because I was hoping Iowa would let Fran McCaffery go, he would replace Patsos as head coach, and yada yada yada Siena would end up becoming the Gonzaga of the East Coast. Instead, word came out that Fran signed an extension with a HUGE buyout before last season’s disappointing campaign, pretty much ensuring that won’t happen. But based on this report, Patsos may end up gone despite Siena’s AD saying his job was safe during last season’s disaster.

Now if only there was a great college basketball coach looking for a fresh start to rebuild his reputation at a small school that also witnessed the power of the Saints up close and personal during the NCAA Tournament a few years ago and would definitely never ever hurt a school’s integrity with any type of scandal…

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And that was talking #MAACTION