Our Close Personal Friend Gary Player Narrating Jack Nicklaus' Grandson's Hole-In-One Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Pretty good moment for the Nicklaus family, 15-year-old grandson Gary Nicklaus Jr. getting a hole-in-one on the 9th hole of the par 3 contest today. That’s all good and great. Everybody’s happy. Woo hoo.

But how about that call from our close personal friend Gary Player? Electric. I’m pretty sure he said “you’re gonna love that” before the kid even took the club back. Think he said “this is going in the hole my man” before he even teed up the ball.

Then right when it landed he gave it the dramatic build up.

“In the hole.”

“In the hole!”


Then it goes in the hole!

“Well done my boy, well done!”

Pretty good shot from the Nicklaus family but an even better call from the leader of the Player family.

God damn I love the Player family.

PS — Think this meant something to Jack? So cool.