Von Miller's Shark Fishing Has Him in Trouble with PETA

TMZVon Miller’s fishing expedition in Florida has ignited an investigation after PETA accused the NFL star of illegally catching a hammerhead shark … TMZ Sports has learned.

Miller and some friends went fishing in Miami last week and reeled in the 9-and-a-half foot shark — which they later threw back in the ocean.

PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — went berserk over the footage … accusing Von’s group of illegally catching and killing the animal.

PETA vowed to follow up with wildlife officials and said they would “ensure Miller is held accountable.”

The complaint got all the way to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission — a government law enforcement agency that regulates hunting and fishing.

We spoke with FWC Public Information Coordinator Rob Klepper who tells us, “FWC has received the images and video and is looking into whether or not a violation occurred in this incident.”

God knows that PETA can be their own worst enemy. Like for every normal cause they take up you can get behind like stopping dog fighting, humane treatment of animals or having your pets spayed and neutered, they’ll say crackpot, borderline evil stuff like a pig is equal to a dog is equal to a boy (an actual philosophy some of them have) or meat is murder (another one) that makes them a slow moving, irresistible target. But in this case they’re not necessarily wrong.

I like JAWS as much as any man that ever lived. But I also know that the author who wrote the original novel Peter Benchley spend a good chunk of his time and fortune trying to protect sharks from over-fishing. I’ve seen enough “Shark Week” to know that if we don’t have enough of these amazing, razor-toothed death submarines in the oceans we’re all fucked. And according to the Denver Post, “hammerhead sharks are classified as ‘group 3′ sharks and harvest in state waters is a second-degree misdemeanor. In Florida, second-degree misdemeanors are punishable by up to $500 fine and 60 days in jail, as determined by a judge.” So in this particular instance, it’s OK for those emaciated, kale-colored whackjobs to at least ask for an investigation.

I’m not trying to pass myself off as Ace Ventura. Not by a damned sight. Animals are delicious. Fishing is fun. I’m not a hunter but I appreciate that hunters are some of the best environmentalists we have. So I’m not about to judge Miller, whom I like. Hell, my favorite historical figure is Teddy Roosevelt and he once led an African safari where he personally killed 296 animals, including 9 lions, 13 rhinos, 7 hippos, 8 elephants, 20 zebras and 7 giraffes. Which I kind of feel bad about in retrospect, but I’m not about to break down in tears like Jimmy Kimmel when Cecil the Lion got taken out. All I’m saying is that if Miller violated the fishing regulations by catching and dumping that perfect engine, that eating machine, that miracle of evolution – let’s say that exact hammerhead washed up on shore – then let him pay the penalty.

Preferably with a 4-game suspension and the Broncos losing a 1st round draft pick. But again, I have no agenda. I’m just all about protecting the planet.