Sri Lanka's Got Talent Star Smashes Bricks On His Face To The Point Where He Clearly Has CTE

Unreal display of manliness. We’ve seen our friend eat bricks but never quite like this. Usually when our pals are eating bricks, they are doing it to get those delicious minerals in their blood. After all, minerals are the backbone of vitamins.

This dude took it to a new level. I’ve long said that doing the splits on a nailbed proves that you have talent, but sometimes you have to take a step forward to be a step ahead of everyone else. Our talented pal knows that. He did the nail split and then jumped to the moon by giving himself a concussion before tumbling down on a heap of humility. Did that stop him? No.

It gave him the green light to go to the next level and really give some punishment to his elbows too. I love the pride that you can see billowing deep within his soul. When he dropped the bow, he knew he not only crushed the pile of bricks but his performance as well.

Second round? You betcha.

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