Paulina Gretzky Has Been Upping Her Game In A Big Way For The Masters

So this has likely gone unnoticed by other media outlets but not me. No sir. I noticed. I noticed because this is the important stuff. Paulina Gretzky has been upping her game in preparation for the Masters. If you’ll remember, Paulina’s hubby (that’s #1 golfer in the world, Dustin Johnson) was the favorite heading into last year’s Masters. He was tearing the game of golf a new asshole with his play. The anticipation for him to play Augusta was yuge. He was finally playing the way everybody knew he could play. He was reaching his seemingly-limitless potential.

And then he fell down some stairs, hurt his back and the dream was dead. He missed the Masters and everybody was disappointed. Fast forward to current day. A year later and Dustin Johnson is still a damn good golfer. He’s #1 in the world. He hits 800-yard drives. Enter, Paulina. She’s been regularly posting on Instagram lately. Just putting up absolute heat. Now, you could say she’s doing it cause she knows it’s the biggest golf week of the year and she knows yours truly will screen shot it and blast it out to the world. That’s another conversation for another day. I think she’s doing it to boost DJ’s confidence. Every time he gets nervous abut playing in the Masters he can look at her Insta stories and be like, “Oh yeah. I’m hittin that. I’m Dustin Fucking Johnson. I’m not falling down stairs again. I’m gonna be just fine.” Essentially it’s Paulina doing whatever she can to make sure DJ plays well at Augusta National and I applaud her for it. We all should.