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Is This "Sri Lanka's Got Talent" Contestant Hockey Tough? Or Is He Just Not That Great At Karate? You Be The Judge

First of all, obviously gonna need more of “Sri Lanka’s Got Talent”. I don’t know much about Sri Lanka. I couldn’t tell you exactly where it is off the top of my head but I’m sure I could at least figure out where it’s at on a map. But after watching just one contestant on “Sir Lanka’s Got Talent”, I can tell you that this is a nation full of stars.

Unfortunately, I think this one star burned out just a bit too quick and won’t be advancing to the next round of the show. What I’m having a little difficulty figuring out, however, is whether the judges made the right decision. I mean don’t get me wrong. Obviously the routine went a bit awry in this exact moment right here.

This is Sri Lanka’s Got Talent. It’s not a charity event. They’re looking for the best of the best. When you smack yourself in the face with a brick and fall over off your table, well that’s just not gonna cut it. But let’s talk about how our guy picked himself up had his crew “Weekend At Bernies” him off the floor to finish out his routine.

LeBron James doesn’t attempt to finish the routine after that. Any human being who has ever played soccer before even once in their lifetime doesn’t attempt to finish the routine after that. But this guy right here? Well he’s Hockey Tough as nails. He may be battling a heavy case of CTE at the moment and might not know where he’s at anymore. But he’s got the heart of a champion and the balls of a buffalo. I don’t know if buffaloes have large testicles or not but it just rolled off the tongue. You can fact check me on that and I’ll update the post if it turns out their balls aren’t as big as I imagine them to be.

Either way. If I were a judge on this show I’d have to put this guy through to the next round just based on Hockey Toughness alone. You can cultivate talent. You can teach it. You can grow it. But you’re born with Hockey Toughness. You either have it or you don’t. And this dude has it in spades. Along with the CTE.