Daniel Negreanu Has Mapped Out A Cool 2 Million Dollar Buy-In Schedule For This Summer At The WSOP

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Full Contact Poker -Going into the WSOP there is a good chance I spend $600,000 in buy ins leading up to it at Aria and Bellagio respectively. Lots of $25k buy ins with unlimited rebuys so each one is likely to cost a little over $50k on average, plus a $100k with the same format right before the Super High Roller Bowl. Below, I’m going to list my WSOP schedule outline for events I may play. If the event is not listed, that means I won’t be playing it for sure.

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With that hefty buy in for the One Drop I’m looking at about a $2 million investment this summer starting in May and taking me all the way through mid July.

The face when you’re about to pony up 2 million bones over the course of the Summer:

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It’s coming up on WSOP SZN and the wheels are getting greased up. The high rollers are preparing for expensive summers, because buddy,,,the events this Summer are going to be pricey. Before the WSOP even starts Daniel is preparing to drop $600k at the Aria and Bellagio, including $300,000 alone in the Super High Roller Bowl. With the $25ks all being unlimited rebuys, there’s an easy chance he could surpass the $600,000 mark.

And then after that he’ll start the WSOP grind. Even if he goes ofer in the events before WSOP and is already stuck 600 grand, he has to pick himself up by the bootstraps and start the real grind. Playing and grinding all day, every day, some for 14 hours, chasing the money and the bracelets. I was tired after 3 days of it, and guys like him do it all Summer, in Vegas. What sucks is because tournament poker has such variance, it’s easy to get discouraged when nothing is going right.

We’re about 2 months from WSOP, so still time to build up that bankroll and book your flight for Vegas. Myself and Smitty shouldddddd be back for the Main Event, I mean it’d be pretty dumb if we didn’t go back based on how absurd all the coverage and all that was last year, but you never know I guess.

And when I win this time, I’ll make sure the contract has this very clear: