I'm No Snitch But Ian Poulter Had An Open Container In A Moving Vehicle Yesterday

Read that blog title again. I’m not a snitch. I’m not. Ian Poulter is a snitch. He snitches on every fan that breathes too loudly. I’m just a guy who believes in the laws put into place by the state governments of the United States of America. Laws that were voted for by the American people. Laws that Poulter seems to think don’t apply to him. Look at him. Boozing from an open container in a moving vehicle. Disgusting. If anything, I’m a patriot because of this. See below.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 1.35.58 PM

That’s the law and it should be followed by all. Doesn’t matter if you’re an average Joe or if you just punched your ticket to the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. The laws are made to be followed by every single person. I simply cannot stomach the thought of a European scum bag such as Ian Poulter running wild in our beautiful American streets. Recklessly breaking laws at every turn. That’s not the America I wanna live in. It’s dangerous is what it is. Is this the type of behavior we want our children to see? I don’t think so. How will you explain to your children that a guy won a golf tournament and then whimsically broke the law? I expect a swift punishment from either the Houston authorities or the PGA Tour or the folks at Augusta National. Am I saying Ian Poulter shouldn’t be allowed to play in the Masters this week? Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying. Again, I’m not a snitch. I’m a patriot.