The Announcer Cam For Arike Ogunbowale's Game-Winning Shot Is A+ Stuff

LOVE IT. Need more announcer cam. Need lots more of it. Announcer cam is one of those things we should’ve been doing all along. It makes so much sense. Imagine if we had every video of every Gus Johnson orgasm. That’d be sick. Think back on all the reaction videos we’ve seen from people’s living rooms. Those are awesome. So it stands to reason that the people in the arena calling the game right next to the court would have awesome reactions. They’re actually better because it forces the announcers into a strange spot. They have a job to do but they’re also fans. You can see the three announcers battling that above. They wanna jump outta their skin but they have to call what they just saw. Kara Lawson in the middle looks flat out terrified. Like a bomb just went off in the building. She might’ve pooped her pants. Rebecca Lobo went with the classic hands-on-her-head reaction. Adam Amin’s was any favorite. Stood up when the shot when in and then tossed the pen on the table. Awesome.