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Father Of The Year Crashes His Daughter's Wedding Proposal With A "SAY NO" Sign

Fox News - It was a moment Allison Barron and Levi Bliss would remember for the rest of their lives.

No, we’re not talking about Levi’s proposal — although that was certainly memorable, too. We’re talking about the moment Allison’s dad, who was standing off in the distance, held a sign instructing his daughter to “Say no.”

“This is really just my dad’s personality,” Allison told Buzzfeed News, assuring the site that, yes, her father Jake was only joking. “We have a very close family and so he’s made little jokes like this before.”

Allison and Levi, of Winnemucca, Nev., had been dating for two years before he popped the question this past Saturday, but Allison claims her father always approved of Levi. In fact, according to Allison, Jake and Levi actually get along quite well, and that the two often enjoy playing tennis and riding dirt bikes together.

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I usually hate these types of stories. I find them corny and what have you. But today is different. It could be because it’s a nice, lovely Friday and optimism is in the air, the more I looked at this one, the funnier I found it. A father straight up crashing his daughter’s proposal is an unbelievable move. From the time she can read, every young girl dreams of the day she is proposed to. She runs through millions of possible scenarios in her head, wondering how magical and dreamy and enchanted and fairytale-esque it’s going to be. And then finally, the day came for Allison to get proposed to….andddddd her dad showed up on a hill, holding a “SAY NO” sign, making the moment all about himself. Womp, womp, wompppppp. He just hadddd to do his wacky dad joke during the biggest moment of her life. Good thing the chick is cool about it, because I’m pretty sure people have been murdered for doing way less during a wedding proposal. Can’t wait to see what wacky hi-jinx he pulls at the wedding.