From Smash Mouth To A Bug's Life - A Friday Conversation With Rone

So I saw this picture on Twitter and had a nice laugh. I turned around and showed Rone (Rone now sits at Caleb’s desk to my right) and he had a nice laugh too. Since we were laughing I was like “if you were to blog this, what would you write?”

And Rone said “isn’t it kinda fucked up that Shrek wasn’t a Pixar movie?”

And I said “What was it, Dreamworks?”

And Rone said “Some bullshit like that.”

And I said “Do you think that’s the angle I should take here with this blog?”

And Rone said “Do you remember there was A Bug’s Life and also that other movie about bugs?”

And I was like “Yeah, Antz, it was pretty good”

And Rone was like “Oh yea. Antz. At the same time as Bug’s Life”

And I was like “Bug’s Life fucks too. It’s not talked about enough but it’s really good. I think it was the first Pixar movie. Actually, I think Toy Story was first”


And Rone was like “Yeah, it does fuck”.

And so I was like “I think this is how I’m going to blog that Smash Mouth picture”

And Rone replied “I think that’s a pretty good idea”

So I said “I’m going to do it, just need a good title”

And Rone said “From Smash Mouth to A Bug’s Life”

And I added “A Friday Conversation With Rone”