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Joe Mauer Having "What You Know" As His Walk Up Song For 13 Straight Years Is Killing Me


This is the funniest least funny thing I’ve read in some time. There’s nothing inherently funny about a guy having the same walk up song for over a decade. Pro athletes, especially ones that reached the apex of their craft, are well known for sticking to strict routines. Tom Brady’s been running out to “PSA” by Jay Z at Gillette for what feels like forever, and I find absolutely nothing about that amusing. But for whatever reason, finding out that Joe Mauer has walked up to the dish in Minnesota for all but two years of his career to a song about transporting and distributing cocaine out of a Louis Vuitton backpack throughout the projects of Bankhead, Atlanta, has me in stitches.

The song had been out a mere two months when Mauer decided, “You know what? This song is me. T.i. and DJ Toomp made a track that reached out and touched me in the cockles of my heart. I simply refuse to dig into the batter’s box ever again without first hearing a brief snippet echoing throughout the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and then later in Target Field.” Considering ’06 was the first year Mauer made the All Star Game and the first time he received MVP votes (finished 6th), who can blame him for sticking with it? I’m a big time superstition guy, frankly if you’re not you’re a big time sucker, so sticking with “What You Know” was clearly the correct decision. Hopefully Mauer sent Tip some LV backpacks or something shiny after he won MVP a few years later or when he got his first contract extension. It’s the least he can do as this song has clearly been the catalyst behind his successful career.

Minnesota Twins v Baltimore Orioles

“Know you don’t like me cause your bitch most likely does
She see me on them dubs in front of every club
I be on dro, I’m buzzed
Gave every ho a hug” – Joe Mauer or T.i.? Hard to say.