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I Can't Wait To Not Understand A Single Second Of Westworld Season 2

Another Westwrold trailer! Let’s gooooooooooooooooo! That means another Westworld trailer where I don’t understand anything thats happening but enjoy it nonetheless!

Westworld is such a strange show. And I don’t mean it’s strange because it’s a show about a land of robots who become self aware and want to live like human beings. It’s a strange show because I’m almost positive no one knows what is going on but we all LOVE IT. That’s a strange space to occupy as a TV show. I watch an episode Westworld and I might as well have just watched a show in a different language from a different planet. It’s only when I mosey over to Reddit do I sort of understand what I watched. But even then, not really. Just more pretending like I do. I think we all like the premise of the show (robots fighting and fucking humans, sup Dolores) and just roll with it from there. There’s multiple storylines and timelines and sets of characters and we all just sit there and pretend like we know what the fuck is happening. It’s like an action movie. I’m just here for the cool stuff. With all that said, I simply cannot wait. Let’s get it on. Let’s watch some human-looking robots do things!