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LeBron James Dunked So Many Times Last Night That People Didn't Even Care He Broke MJ's Record For Most Consecutive 10+ Point Games Of All Time


Source –  LeBron James made more history Wednesday night. After throwing down an alley-oop in the second quarter against the Hornets, James had his 866th consecutive (regular-season) game with at least 10 points, tying Michael Jordan for the all-time record. LeBron finished with 41 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists in the Cavs’ win. 

I know I’m not Barstool’s basketball guy and I know I’m not an expert, but as a fan of the game, I need to comment on what LeBron James has been doing. Because I genuinely don’t think we’ll ever see another player like him again. Forget him saying he deserves the MVP despite the Cavs being tenth in the Eastern Conference, forget the fact that he’s basically averaging a triple-double fifteen years into his NBA career, and just watch him. Every. Single. Night. It’s a highlight reel. Last night was the perfect example. He had 41/10 and eight on thirty-seven minutes including four MONSTER dunks. Dunks that you wouldn’t see from ninety-five percent of players in the NBA. I strung two of them together above. Here’s a compilation of all four.

I know I’m not breaking ground by saying he’s a freak athlete but it can’t be stated enough. He’s the most fun player to watch in the entire league and no one else comes close. Even the plays he gives up on are impressive. I tried to replicate this in my living room last night and tweaked my knee.

This year he’s broken the record for most assists in a game without turnovers (17), was the youngest player ever to join the 30,000 point club, and yesterday surpassed MJ’s record of most consecutive regular season ten point games with (867) on this ally oop.


The craziest part is that no one really cared. There were a few stories but it wasn’t front page news. It’s to the point where it’s normal for LeBron James to break records.  Not only that, he still has plenty of gas in the tank. Just look at how physical he’s been playing. He’s like the Tom Brady of the NBA. If he stays healthy he could play another ten years.

A lot of Boston fans will call this blog sacrilege. LeBron and the Cavs have been our biggest rival since the mid-2000’s but I don’t care. He’s too good not to appreciate. And now that he’s getting older, I feel like I need to see him play before it’s too late. Then again, I’m not trying to spend $200 to see him take a dump on the Knicks.