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Cavs Lose By 100 To the Heat....Lebron Gives Eloquent Speech On Why He'd Vote For Himself For MVP


Gotta love the ever humble Lebron James just giving an impassioned speech after getting blown out by the Miami Heat on why he should be the MVP of the league.   Can you ever picture MJ or Larry doing this in the middle of a season?  After a humiliating loss on the road?  Of course not.  Because they cared about winning titles not individual trophies.  But that’s Bron Bron.  All he’s ever cared about is himself and that’s all he ever will care about.  He’s a disgrace to basketball and he’s a disgrace to Cleveland.   Hey Bron bron just because you dunk fancy and make instagram videos that doesn’t make you the MVP.   Try winning games this year.  That may help.