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Rudy Giuliani Has NO IDEA How To Wear Apple EarPods And I Love It

Yessssssssssssss. Hell yes. I am DYING. Laugh out loud funny. That’s perfect. Too perfect. That is precisely how I envisioned a 73-year-old man would wear Apple ear pods. My dad would wear them the exact same way. Just stick’em in your ears however you can. I think I love it. Rudy Giuliani might’ve just changed the ear pod game all together. Does anybody really know how to wear ear pods? You ever think about that? Who says there’s a right and a wrong way? Maybe Rudy is wearing them the right way. You don’t know. Nobody knows. Tim Cook doesn’t know. Rudy could be a trend setter. Next thing you know everybody is going to be wearing them that way. The subway is gonna be packed with people wearing them the Rudy Way. As long as the music gets into your brain, does it really matter how you wear them? I’d argue it doesn’t.