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Genius Woman Develops Fool-Proof Plan For Getting In A Bar When Underaged

I honest to god dont know how you can get any smarter than this. It’s the perfect plan. She just looks like your normal college junior who is out for a night on the town. Nothing fancy. It’s a Tuesday, after all. It’s 3 for 3 dollars Natty night so she just wants to sip some beers and watch a little bit of sports on the ole boop tube.

No chance a bouncer makes her do a 360 turn about whilst gazing at her ass as she walks through the doorway. She waddles her way to the bathroom, her friend pops out of her butt, and the next thing you know, the whole squad is in for a relaxing night at the bar. It’s the perfect plan and I’m jealous as hell that I didnt think of it.