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Of All The Things To Wear When Robbing A Bank Your "It's All Fun & Games Until The Cops Show Up" Shirt Is Probably Not One Of Them





(Source) The man, Rick A. Fisher, was arrested over the weekend in Lewiston Idaho after police say he and Jennifer L. Balfe robbed the Cottonwood Bank in nearby Cottonwood Idaho. Authorities busted the couple after receiving a tip that someone matching their description had dropped a lot of cash at a local casino. KCPQ reports that the suspects allegedly robbed a bank in Cottonwood, Idaho, and are also thought to have hit two other banks in Oregon




You know that one shirt you own. The one shirt you look awesome in. Boosts your confidence, gets you compliments. Your I’m trying to fuck on a Saturday night shirt. Yeah, well that’s the shirt I would wear if I were to ever rob a bank, because worst comes to worst at least you look awesome in your mugshot. Not, the guy who wore a prophetic shirt and now looks like a total moron and has everyone laughing at how stupid he is. Such an easily avoidable situation. Use your brain one time Rick Fisher, one time.




Robbing a bank and taking it directly to a casino to gamble is so fucking sweet. Hiding in plain sight. Couple of poor people dropping stacks at an Idaho casino, not suspicious at all.



 h/t john