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Dave's Interview With Ray Allen Was An Emotional Experience For Us Celtics Fans

Hopefully by now you’ve watched this entire pizza review because it’s truly fantastic. Being the Celtics guy around these parts, as you can imagine when I saw this come across my timeline I nearly shit my pants. I know Ray is making his press tour for his new book and all that, but this was not something I expected to ever see. And I have to give credit where credit is due. Some may say he’s changed over the years and that money has made him a different guy, but for those 9 minutes Dave teleported back to Davey Celtics, a guy I’m excited to see return in just a few weeks once the playoffs start. I have no idea what goes into these promotional pizza reviews, I imagine you have to keep things pretty down the middle, but I can honestly say that Dave asked the questions that myself, a die hard Celtics fan to the point where it’s sort of a problem, always wanted someone to ask Ray. He didn’t let a quick buck get in the way of his die hard Boston roots. Incredible #GoPresGo.


And I will say, after hearing Ray talk what I can only imagine was honestly about the whole thing, it brought on a different perspective on the situation. I think we all hated Ray initially because like Dave said, he went to Lebron and this city especially at that time had nothing but pure hatred for the guy. I think we as fans wanted to believe what the Celtics came out and said, how they offered more money and all this stuff because it helped us rally behind the idea that Ray betrayed the fans and the city. Then there was the KG Area 21 where everyone came back and talked about this whole issue. This is where we learned that Pierce and KGs and Rondo’s beef wasn’t so much that Ray left, but how he left. That’s when my dislike for Ray shifted. We got more background on the situation and could adjust our opinion.

Which brings me to everything Ray said in this video. Sure does make it seem like he really wanted to be there and it was Ainge and Wyc that screwed him over. I mean they did try and trade him a bunch of times, and you can’t sit here and listen to Ray tell his side and not nod your head in agreement. If someone doesn’t show you the same love you show them why stick around when there are other options available? Maybe this was all a ploy to help sell his book, but this was also extremely therapeutic for me as a Celtics fan to hear. If he’s gone on and said all this stuff in other places I sure hadn’t heard it yet, so I was drawn back by how honest and open Ray was while making a 10 minute video eating some mediocre pizza on the sidewalk.

But I also think Dave’s right. This whole thing had everything to do with LeBron. If Ray had gone to MIN or MEM I don’t think Celtics fans care nearly as much. It was the whole going to the team the Celtics had just lost a heartbreaking series to while teaming up with their arch nemesis. At the same time the Celtics were clearly done with Ray. Rondo hated him and they wanted to move ahead with Avery Bradley. That’s life.

You just never know the power of pizza man. One night it’s providing emotional support after striking out at the bar, the next it’s the thing that finally makes you sort of not hate Ray Allen as much. Fucking pizza, what can’t it do.