An Uber Driver Claims The App Told Him To Drive Down Stairs So He Proceeded to Drive Down The Stairs And Shockingly Got Stuck

Business Insider

SAN FRANCISCO — An Uber in San Francisco got stuck on stairs Monday after driving down a pedestrian walkway outside a Safeway store on Market Street.

The car, a white Toyota Camry, got stuck at about 1:23 p.m. local time, according to the San Francisco Police Department. The car was being driven by a human at the time of the accident, according to an employee at Safeway.

People at Safeway called a tow truck to move the car shortly after the accident, but it had not yet been freed 30 minutes into the ordeal.

A spokeswoman for the SFPD said that the driver exited the car uninjured. Two Uber passengers were in the car at the time of the accident, the driver told Business Insider.

So this person needs to be stripped of their license forever. What was the name of the children’s books? Amelia Bedilia? The woman who took every single direction or order seriously and had zero sense of sarcasm or common sense. That is exactly who this Uber driver is. You have to be the biggest idiot in the world to obey an order from your GPS map telling you to drive down a flight of stairs, especially when you’re carrying passengers who need to get somewhere because it’s your job.

What this also gives a glimpse of is the future with self-driving cars. This type of shit is going to happen all the time. Robots don’t have the human aspect of realizing that’s not a ramp to the street but instead a flight of 20 stairs. Cars are not meant to drive down stairs unless driven by Jason Bourne or Jack Bauer, not this Uber driver.

You’ve got to respect the driver, being referred to Fred, for trying to blame Safeway for their parking lot design.

Fred, who has driven with Uber for less than a year, said he believed Safeway needed to make changes to its parking lot so that this didn’t happen again. He said he would never drive in the area again.

Shouldn’t have put the stairs there right? A helluva spin zone that unfortunately will not hold water in a court of law. You’re an idiot Fred.

Noodle brain on this Wednesday Tuesday, completely forgot about Michael Scott driving into a lake. One of the best clips in the whole show