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Indian Wife Divorces Husband After He Bets And Loses Their Kids Against His Village Rival

(Moshin needs to find himself a Tommy Smokes ASAP)

Dailymail - An Indian woman divorced her husband after learning that he had gambled away their child. The man, named only as Moshin, from New Delhi, had originally gambled away his entire family but the debt was reduced to one child after the wife protested. Reports say Moshin, a well-known gambling addict, was betting against a man named only as Imran. At one point Moshin bet his wife and two children but lost, after which Imran went to the loser’s house to collect his prize.

Fake story alert! Fake story alert! Fake story alert! No not that Moshin lost his family to Imran in a high stakes game of poker. That shit can happen to the best of us. But that Indian women are allowed to file for divorce. Zero chance that’s true. Arranged marriage means you’re stuck with him for life. If your husband goes and gambles away your kids you just gotta make new ones. That’s India 101.