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This Salt Lake Columnist Is Definitely Still Mad About Gordon Hayward Leaving


This is breakup 101 stuff right here. This was one of those weird situations where your relationship ends and both parties end up being in good positions. Sure your girlfriend left you for a better looking guy with more money, but you yourself found a new, younger, just as sexy option. You should be able to just go about your business and live your life, not giving your past a care in the world.

But when you start putting out snaps or photos of how great your new life is immediately after a breakup, everyone knows what you’re doing. You’re trying to hurt your ex because deep down you still care. Here’s the thing. She moved on man, she’s not looking back and you shouldn’t be either.


The Utah Jazz have had a really good season. They have a new franchise player and a guy that is every bit in contention for ROY. With Gobert and everyone else healthy they’ve played some of the best basketball of any team in the league. That should be enough, and yet, this guy can’t stop thinking about Gordon Hayward. Instead of enjoying the ride his team is on, he’s choosing to take the angle of talking about how much better his life is without Gordon. The amount of salt here is overwhelming.

Would @GordonMonson have these same feelings towards Hayward if he stayed in UTA? Of course not. He’s mad he left. My favorite part of the whole thing was this line

But Jazz fans still feel small pieces of rejection from a player who was so appreciated, so expertly tutored and groomed by coaches here, who owed — contrary to what so many said and despite his own strong efforts to improve — the Jazz more than the exit he gave them, ducking out down a back alley to Boston the way he did.

I’m sorry, they have internet in Utah right? Does he know this exists?

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 11.36.21 AM

I’m not so sure he ducked down a back alley. Everyone with a brain knew he was going to come play for his college coach, and yeah the day it actually happened was a little weird because sources were leaking things all over the place, but this idea that he out of nowhere decided to shit on Jazz fans and leave is just flat out wrong.

It’s just such a bad look to die on the “eh Hayward was just OK, we’re so much better now” hill when just this past summer you were begging this guy to stay. I can’t imagine this is how a majority of Jazz fans feel is it? Like people can enjoy their current team without acting like little babies and STILL talking about Hayward leaving while also acting like you don’t care? I’m going to go with that angle, that most Jazz fans are appreciative of the time and experiences they had with Hayward and are excited about their future. At least I hope that’s the case because if not that’s pretty sad.