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I'd Be More Shocked If My Airline Pilots WEREN'T Snapchatting During Flights

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NYP - A captain for budget airliner EasyJet has been suspended after posting photos of his co-pilot and himself goofing off in the cockpit mid-flight.

The pilot, identified as Michel Castellucci by The Sun, took photos and video of his colleague interacting with animated characters and posted them on social media. He also took selfies using the app’s filters and posted them online.

According to reports, Castellucci filmed these videos “at 30,000 feet” during a flight from Paris to Madrid, the BBC reports.

After posting the recordings, the pilot received harsh feedback by followers calling him “unprofessional” and saying the act was “dangerous” and “sends the wrong message.”

EasyJet was contacted by concerned passengers about the pilot’s stunt.

A spokeswoman for EasyJet told BBC that the passengers were not in danger, but said the pilot acted inappropriately.

I mean I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there. That’s funny stuff. This is 2018, everyone Snapchats. Babies come out of the womb with a cell phone in-hand ready to snap that first selfie when they go skin-to-skin with their mother for the first time. We’ve evolved to the point in society where I would say everyone aged 14-35 can do any task or job exactly the same while Snapchatting. In fact, I’d be more shocked if the pilots of my airplane weren’t Snapping. Once they hit that auto-pilot, they have all that time to kill and what better way to kill time than some good ol’ fashioned shenanigans? As long as they peak up out of the window every now and then to make sure a rogue plane isn’t crossing them in the sky, they’re all good. Plus I think all sorts of horns and sirens will go off if they even get close. I mean with technology these days, the plane would probably start steering itself, or the trusty copilot would take over


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So realistically, a little Snapping during a flight never hurt nobody. The airline even said it’s no big deal and everyone should calm down. Everyone just R-E-L-A-X. That dancing owl is funny. It just is. And the kicker- it’s EasyJet! If you are unfamiliar with EasyJet, it’s the Spirit Airlines of Europe. Anything goes on an EasyJet flight. Half the time they select the pilot from the cabin. Seriously. They have a raffle and if your seat is called, you become the pilot of that flight. It’s quite exciting!