A Horrible Monster Destroyed A Chocolate Bunny When Police Confronted Her About Stealing It

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MBO- A woman attempted to take a chocolate bunny from a Myrtle Beach Walgreens, but didn’t end up leaving the store with the bunny, police said. Instead, after being confronted about attempting to steal, the unknown woman crumbled the chocolate bunny, threw it inside and asked, “Are we good?” before leaving the store, a police report says. Police say the woman walked past all points of sale Sunday evening at Walgreens, 300 S. Kings Highway.

This is why we build prisons. For people like this. For vicious crimes like this. Absolutely insane stuff from this lady. Behavior like this would make The Joker blush. He would be like, “Well that’s taking things a little far, don’t you think?” There’s acts of anarchy and then there’s destroying a chocolate bunny just for the hell of it. I didn’t think we lived amongst such monsters in real life. Why would she do that? She was caught. She had nowhere to run. The fuzz had her cornered and knew she had shoplifted the chocolate bunny. There’s no point in destroying the chocolate bunny at that point. Give it back and everyone go their separate ways. Easy. Or at least eat it. Eat right in front of their badge-wearing faces. That’s a move I would’ve respected it. Can’t steal something that doesn’t exist. Destroying that chocolate bunny was worse than killing a hostage. I hope she is charged and imprisoned accordingly. Just my thoughts on the matter.