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Olivia Culpo Posting 8 Instagrams Over The Weekend Is The Most Savage Breakup Move Possible



Other people’s relationships are none of my business.  I will say though – it was hard not to notice the beatdown Olivia Culpo put on Instagram this weekend.  EIGHT pictures post-breakup is such an incredibly savage 2018 break up move.

Francis wrote a great summary of the pitfalls of dating in the social media era and how the lack of a Mute button on Instagram turns it into a stressful, anxiety-ridden landscape of trying to navigate a breakup and come out on top.

As you suffer through a difficult breakup, the last thing you want is to see your old girl looking incredible on the beach, but Instagram continues to pump that shit in front of you because it never got the memo about the breakup. Most people will say… just unfollow her, right? The problem with that is, then she knows she’s beaten you. She knows she’s better than you because you can’t handle her hotness. She’s gotten into your head and you fucked up and now she’s happier blah blah blah here’s a fucking slideshow to prove it. Oh, and check out her new BF! He’s buffer than you and he has dark hair so they can be tan together! WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT, ALL BECAUSE YOU FORGOT TO HIDE YOUR ANAL BEADS!!

Amendola’s already given up on appearances by unfollowing her right off the bat.  When you’re a professional athlete and look like Danny Amendola you don’t really have to worry about the stuff us common folk do.  Plus he was having his own boys’ trip.

Meanwhile, Amendola wasn’t one to sit at home twiddling his thumbs. The wide receiver, who announced he was leaving our Patriots to play for Miami a couple of weeks ago, enjoyed a boys’ trip in Austin, Texas, with bromantic interest and now-former teammate Julian Edelman.

The two posed for a photo at the Parlor Room, as they giggled in front of a neon sign quoting the late rocker Stevie Ray Vaughan that reads, “Like my brother Jimmie says, I play like I’m breaking out of jail.” Amendola captioned the image “Hair on fire” when posting it to social media. [Herald]

But make no mistake about it, he saw these, the whole world saw them, and we all marveled at the savagery of it.  Edelman definitely pulled them up and showed him.  Olivia looking hot and happy living in up in Vegas, not a care in the world, not thinkin’ about anything at all, not even sad a little bit.   You hate to see it.


There’s never too many platforms to show off how much fun you’re having.